D&D Cleaner keep you looking your best by giving your professional clothes and formalwear their best clean ever and complete in Vaughan. If you are looking for an address to make your new clothes, please do not skip this information.

D&D Cleaner in Vaughan

We are local dry cleaners that fit your routine with same-day dry cleaning.

Our services offered by professional dry cleaners, however, are not limited to only cleaning garments. We can be approached to fix hard stains and other damages on garments.

The following are some of the services provided by dry cleaners.

1. Dry Cleaning

Since most clothes are made from delicate and sensitive fabrics, washing them with traditional means can damage them. Besides, most customers don’t have enough time for this. These are the reasons why dry cleaning in Vuaghan remains the best method for cleaning delicate items and removing stains and dirt of all kinds.

The gentler cleaning methods used in dry cleaning combined with specialized detergents ensure that the process can effectively remove all stains and stains from clothes.

In addition, dry cleaning can breathe new life into the fabric of clothes while preserving the original quality and color.

2. Repair and Maintenance

D&D Cleaner also maintain and repair delicate and expensive clothing.

Wear and tear folloe the time can be in damage to the clothing material and unsuitable functioning of the numerous components of the fabric.

That why D&D Cleaner often repair and maintain clothing beside dry clothes.

Our services include: Maintenance and repair services: stitching up tears, patching up holes on the garment’s surface, and replacing zippers.

Also, we can handle nearly all kinds of material ranging from suede jackets to delicate gowns.

3. Clothing Alterations

Alterations are made to tailor the clothing to ensure a more comfortable fit for the wearer while also adjusting older garments. Alteration services from D&D Cleaner can help shaping the waists, bordering pants, and shortening sleeves.